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Need Help Towards Attaining a Certain Desire, or Creating a Successful Solution?

    Brokering calculated adjustments in the fabric of Reality is no trivial matter.  It has taken me many years of obsessive devotion with hands on trial & error to gain a proficient understanding of the subtle-mechanics at play in the arts of Ritual Magick & Evocation.  Evocation primarily means; to create substantial contact with a spiritual force, and summon it forth to a degree of existence, for direct interface with  (Either for Communication purposes, gaining Information, or aligning with towards the Attainment of a Specific Objective).  -  It is a truly ancient art of unfathomable power & potential that very few effectively comprehend the components of, and even fewer have found true proficiency with.  There's a few good working systems of evocation... unfortunately, many are shrouded in dogmatic misconceptions of the formulae by which it authentically operates by.  Once the fundamental principles are comprehensively understood, and proficiency in its hands-on-performance has been acquired... it can indeed be replicated, and wielded over and over in a high-frequency of success with astonishing and undeniable results.  Evocation, is the omnipotent base-praxis of Manifestation from the astral to the physical plane  (The supremely-willed & directed congelation of coded energetic templates into densely structured pools of condensed physical matter, and situational-result).   It is a spiritual alchemy that can be universally applied to establish intimate, conscious-contact with Intelligent Forces of all types... as well as set cosmic gears into motion for targeted Creation, or Destruction.

    Upon facilitating genuine contact with the appropriate forces, a mutual superior-working-alliance can be created towards the ultimate manifestation of a Specific Desire.  There is literally No Limit to what can be ritualized for materialization with the appropriate entities, but the most directly-powerful uses of evoking these Forces for assistance comes in targeting objectives that already have a very strong potential for achievement, and just need a little influential Push in that direction.  You can literally name an example that comes to mind, and that thing can indeed be ritualized for manifestation.  Ritualized evocation of an Advanced, Intelligent Force for assistance in manipulating the factors of a situation in our physical dimension of Reality... is simply Unparalleled.  And as a tool in the arsenal of a driven and resourceful user, there is next to nothing that it can not be effectively implemented towards.

    I have shown many people how to effectively use the fundamentals of Evocation, and reap the results of systematically executing it.  Evocation is not faith-based... but is an actual system of application (albeit a touchy one), that operates by a formulaic equation that's variables can be systematically broken down and trouble-shot for success nonetheless.  I have found a very strong degree of proficiency with it, and am constantly improving upon it in every way possible.  I have been able to demonstrate its profound effectiveness through in-depth applications of it time after time in my own life, the lives of others, and the World around me... far beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    I do make myself available to ritually assist with certain clientele aspirations, and situations of concern.  I use discretion in the nature of the work that is proposed, and in my personal decision as to whether or not accept & proceed forward with a task for ritualization.  I tend to decline work that I generally consider "trivial matters" in endeavors such as;  petty revenge, help getting this month's rent paid, etc...  Objectives such as major career aspirations, influential sway in important court cases, overcoming major health issues, or gaining an unfolding comprehension of various degrees of Higher Knowledge...  these are the types of higher-caliber objectives I would be happy to ritually-assist with towards manifestation.  (Please note:  I do not provide ritual service to in regard to Hurting or Killing other people.  Not because I'm concerned over "karmic" repercussions, but more so over the legal red-tape it can possibly generate.  *I touch upon this a bit more in the FAQ section on the 'Services' Page).  Other than that, please feel free to contact me if there is a serious concern or specific objective you would like to discuss for ritualizing.

    -  If you are seeking ritualized assistance in Life's core-areas of overall importance such as;  The Ignition of Intellectual Ascension, Excessive Financial Prosperity & Stability, The Attainment of Healthy & Fulfilling Sexual Satisfaction, Strong Emotional Health & Deep-Seated Spiritual Healing, Positive Family Life with Bonding Relationships, The Attainment of Honed & Highly Developed Intuition, Etc...  then membership as a linked-beneficiary in Four Thones' Foundational Rites of Ascent may be just what you are looking for.

Preparatory Information:

    *A Preliminary Consultation for Ritual Work is required so that we can effectively examine the specific details of the Work requested.  The who, what, where, when, and how, as well as Any additional pertinent information (or questions for me) will all be addressed and discussed up-front.  We will also examine the underlying factors of why the work is desired in the first place.  *It is possible that an effective alternative-solution without ritual may come to light in our discussion.  As the performing Ritualist, I also have to make a final decision as whether or not to accept the job and proceed forward - this will also depend on the nature of the Work, scheduling demands, and overall feasibility.  I will also discuss basic strategies of approach (Tactical Applications on my behalf, and what efforts need to be done on the client's behalf in an alliance to successfully fulfill the end-objective.)   A final quote for the Ritual Work will also be given, or shortly thereafter... where upon completion of payment, The Ritual Work will be carried out as scheduled and agreed upon.  *This Consultation (and Payment for it) is required to move forward with a solid plan of execution in place, as well as compensate for my time and attention in this matter.  It also demonstrates a serious intent on the client's behalf to proceed forward with the Ritual Work desired.  If an agreement is made to mutually proceed forward with the discussed Ritual Work, the $100 preliminary consultation fee is then deducted from the Final Estimate.

    *It is Important to Understand that although the Forces of Influence implemented through a Ritual of Evocation can have an undeniably powerful effect...  there are No Absolute Guarantees of a specific outcome when it comes to black magick  -  My personal confidence in the powerful effectiveness of Evocation and Practical Magick comes from the undeniable correlation in the overwhelming, high-frequency of Verifiable Results generated from these procedures, for myself and others...  over and over again.*

   • Custom Ritual Work begins at $400.00


*If you are submitting a direct request for specific work to be done, please include as much of the basic details as possible so an appropriate decision can be made as to whether or not proceed forward with the request.  If your initial request for a custom ritual working is accepted for serious discussion, you will be specifically directed through a reply to book a Preliminary Consultation for Ritual Work (as described above) to further discuss and examine the details of the work more intimately, as well as solidify how we will proceed forward. 

*Please do Not purchase a Preliminary Consultation for Ritual Work unless you have already been personally directed to do so in a reply to your initial request*   Once you have been, you can book a Preliminary Consultation for Ritual Work on our Consultations page, at your convenience. 

* All inquiries in regard to Custom Ritual Work can be sent to: 

* (Please wait up to 2 Full Business Days for a response to your initial inquiry.)

  Thank You, I Definitely Look Forward To Speaking With You!

       Most Sincerely,  ~Nate Bales  

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