Four Thrones - Grand Rites

- The Chronology of Four Thrones' Monthly Grand Rites -


*January 2019*

“Infuse the Positive Aspects of the Melancholic Temperament (Earth Element) into The SELF:

Respectability, Compassion, Devotion, Cordiality, Comprehension, Calmness, Logic, Patience”

December 2018

“Infuse the Positive Aspects of the Sanguine Temperament (Air Element) into The SELF:

Diligence, Kindness, Clearness, Adroitness, Cheerfulness, Optimism, Familiarity, Independence”

November 2018

"Obtain the Higher Gnosis & Proficiency of True Omnipresence Through the Art of Soul Travel"

October 2018

"Infuse the Positive Aspects of the Phlegmatic Temperament (Water Element) into The SELF:

Respect, Endurance, Determination, Conscientiousness, Thoroughness, Reserve, Reliability, Punctuality"

September 2018

"Infuse the Positive Aspects of the Choleric Temperament (Fire Element) into The SELF:

Independence, Action, Enthusiasm, Motivation, Resolution, Rationale, Courage, Productivity"

August 2018

"Establish & Maintain Superabundance in Attractive and Pleasing Physical Beauty"

July 2018

"Open the Channels of Omniscience & Higher-Rationale to Implement Clear Discerning Wisdom"

June 2018

"Bring Favorability & the Conquering Influence Necessary to Achieve Dedicated Pursuits"

May 2018

"Create a Healthy Balance and Comprehensive Awareness of Your Spiritual Anatomy

& Related Energy Systems"

April 2018

“Forge Lasting Discipline in Thought & Action for Your Willpower to Succeed”

March 2018

"Unlock Inner Courage to Fight with Perseverance & Overcome Adversity"

February 2018

"Establish Effective Networking Alliances for Bringing Ambitions to Fruition"

January 2018

"Protection & Defensive Provisions Against Spiritual Assault"

December 2017

"Unite with Your Soulmate & Flourish in Happiness and Ascent" 

November 2017

"Remove Mental Illnesses & Resolve Its Underlying Causes"

October 2017

"Awaken The 3rd Eye & Hone Clairvoyance"

September 2017

"Attainment of Honed & Highly Developed Intuition"

August 2017

"Awaken and Fortify Personal Channels of Creativity & Effective Problem Solving"

July 2017

"Manifest Enduring Focus & Dedication to Effectively Achieve Important Pursuits"

June 2017

"Unlock & Blast Open The Gates of Self Confidence and Personal Drive"

May 2017

"Establish & Maintain Positive Family Life with Bonding Relationships"

April 2017

"Effective Self Expression & Communication Efficiency"

March 2017

"Attainment of Healthy & Fulfilling Sexual Satisfaction"

February 2017

"Solidifying Personal Time Management & Efficiency"

January 2017

"Attunement & Acquisition of Excellent Physical Health"

December 2016

"Excessive Financial Prosperity & Stability"

November 2016

"Strong Emotional Health & Deep-Seated Spiritual Healing"

October 2016

"The Ignition of Intellectual Ascension"

September 2016

"The Divergence of Untimely Death"

August 2016

"The Awakening of Your Divine Spark & Realization of Your God-Self"

July 2016

"The Derailment & Removal of Your Enemies"

June 2016

"The Dissolving & Eradication of Negative Addictions"

- May 2016 -

"A Path-Clearing & Preparation for The Four Thrones Rites That Follow"

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