- Foundational Rites of Ascent -


What follows, are the details of an Unparalleled Catalyst established to Awaken the Infinite Mind, Unlock Higher Potential, Empower Life, and Launch Success for the Aspiring Individual.  This Behemoth has been powerfully hammering out into an undeniable Sword of Ascension since it's official debut back in 2016.

 ‘Four Thrones’ is a storm that’s taken on a life of its own… Not only by our hand, but in collusion with the Four Watchtowers of Transfiguration that are It's namesake;  AZAZEL, AMAYMON, BELIAL, & ABADDON.

 We have been forging a Multidimensional Powerhouse, and are executing an intensely-transformative ritual every month...  through a paramount rite of evocation with these Four Cardinal Kings of The Lake of Fire.  Each and every month, our efforts are focused on strategically ritualizing one of Life’s many crucial components for substantial Success and Ascension in every fathomable aspect of one’s Life... not only for my wife Scarlett, myself, and close associates, but for the collective prosperity of ALL who have joined this Tour de Force.

The Winds of Destiny united me long ago with my Sorcerous Soulmate, and as Two Powerful Polarities unified together, Scarlett and I have embarked on a life-changing mission to amplify what we’ve been doing best for years... and that is to cognitively put our combined knowledge & experience of tangible success with sorcery into absolutely essential applications with our Allies - in a Foundational Base that is here to stay.

    What we’re doing through Four Thrones is simply Unprecedented.  We invite You to join us in reaping the manifestations of Strategically Engineered Ritual for Major Life Success, Acquisition, Benevolence, and Ascension.  For the last several years, I have been providing professional consultation about various occult mechanics, and performing personalized ritual service for numerous clientele aspirations (which I’ve successfully performed at a cost of hundreds to sometimes thousands of dollars) and have streamlined this endeavor into an unrivaled system that packs maximum ritual power into a monthly working that can equally accommodate a multitude of benefactors… at a monthly price that is affordable for the serious aspirant of Manifold Ascension.

    Four Thrones is not an Order, Lodge, or Religion… but is a multi-dimensional Nexus for legitimately implementing the alchemical components of High Sorcery on a massive level.   The Mission of this Transcendent Powerhouse is to effectively implement the Pertinent, Foundational Building Blocks of Every Core-Aspect that is needed for You to Achieve Success and Ascend in Life to Your Highest Potential  ...utilizing the Most Powerful means available.

    Every month… diligent time, research, and preparation, along with on-going advancement is invested into a foundational power ritual (which is metaphysically crucial in acquiring essential components to Life’s Ascending Success, in one form or another) of which ANYONE could benefit from an active alliance with.  Each ‘Grand Rite’ is a complimentary pillar in its own regard, such as:  Clearing of Negative Obstructions, Exceptional Health, Financial Prosperity, Sexual Satisfaction, Intellectual Ascension, Safety & Security, Derailment of Untimely Death, etc… Each month we focus on explosively ritualizing one of Life’s many vital aspects through the unified power of these Four Watchtowers.  *Each One of these Ancient Forces has long demonstrated the ability to herald in unparalleled transformation for a specific task on their own… but collectively, we’ve seen that these Four Cardinal Kings can bring a complimentary avalanche of Influence and intervention to a targeted objective utilizing each of their own unique fortes.  Each ritualized objective is sub-tailored for immediate implementation, as well as towards long-term sustainability.

    • Ritualized inclusion as a Linked-Beneficiary in our Grand Rites is a monthly commitment of only $33.  The compounding momentum of our Ritual Work with these 4 Kings runs for a complete cycle of approximately  30 unique Grand Rites (One Powerful Ritual each month until the individual Components in the Foundation are complete.  The cycle then re-starts anew, in continuance for our members who joined at later dates).  Active membership also grants the option of being included as a Linked Beneficiary in the separate rituals Four Thrones holds throughout the year on special occasions, at no additional charge:  Empowering Rites on Solstices, certain Eclipses, and Walpurgis Night… as well as a private invitation to Very Special Events.

    The Basics:  After completing a confidential registration and payment establishment with Four Thrones, we will email your membership information package, then directly mail you a large discreet envelope.  Contained within, will be a Specially-prepared sheet of parchment paper.  There will also be explicit instructions included for how to effectively consecrate and tether yourself to the parchment, and imbue it as a Living Extension of Yourself and Life… to be returned to us for a final anchoring rite, and admission within our Central Altar (This process is Not Complicated, but is Powerfully Effective).  We then turn your consecrated parchment into a Talismanic Scroll, which becomes an Unfathomably-Strong sympathetic link… bridging the Evoked Forces into your Life no matter where you are upon the globe.  There is no charge for these materials… only an appropriate postage fee to cover the cost of Tracked Shipping to you wherever you are.  It is your responsibility to securely mail the consecrated parchment paper back to us.

    On Our End:  Once we receive your Now Very Personalized parchment-scroll in the mail back from you, we will ritually integrate it into a specialized housing within our Ritual Altar, which is a receiving-nexus for the specific work executed with these Four Watchtowers.  (Once your scroll is initiated, it will continue to remain ritually integrated every month as long as your account remains active with Four Thrones).  Near the end of each month, on a specified date… we perform our Grand Rite & Full Ritual Evocation of AZAZEL, AMAYMON, BELIAL, & ABADDON for the manifestation of that month’s specified Cornerstone Objective, and channel those forces into the manifold-conduit of our Receiving Altar for distillation into the Lives and Ascension of our linked associates.  *You will also receive our private Newsletter, and have Full Membership Access to the elaborate inner-sanctum of Four Thrones’ core site after it’s completion.

• Once a Four Thrones Member has  completed a full revolution of ritualized-inclusion in each one of the various Grand Rites, monthly membership dues are No longer required, and a Full Lifetime Membership is granted, with a Permanent Placement of their Consecrated Scroll in the pyramid foundation of our Altar •

♢         ♢         ♢         ♢

    Four Thrones is a Formidable Entity in its own right…  with an International Membership, Empowered & Steadily Growing the World over.   Arm Yourself with the true components of Superior Firepower ushered in through these Four Watchtowers of Transfiguration.  We want You with us as we continue to Grow and Ferociously Ascend into the limitless stratosphere of the future.  Never again will there be a Beast of this shape and caliber.  The resulting shockwave is leaving an incinerating wake of Transformation, and exalting our allies in a Personal Conquest of this Reality.

~ Stand with us in Power as we implement our Sacred Rites of Personal Alchemy and Ascension...

Incorporating the Four Pillars of Eternity’s Compass into the breach and barrel of unfolding, Omnipotent Destiny.  Four Thrones Is THE Foundational Launchpad for those whose aspirations are 

Nothing Short of the very Highest! 

* Please contact us directly with any related questions at:  Admin@4Thrones.com

 (In-Depth Inquiries over the Phone or Skype are also more than welcomed.

 - Contact us to schedule a complementary appointment, if desired.)

    On behalf of Four Thrones,  ~ Nate Bales

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