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Hannes Andreas - (Vienna, Austria)

"You have come to the right place"

"That is one thing I would tell anybody curious about working with Nate Bales.  If you had any doubts as to the reality of black magick, now is the time to enter into a whole new life of extreme synchronicity & wonder, and a reality where doing the impossible becomes your trademark.  Forget charlatans.  Nate will teach you how to wreck them and anything else that is currently in your way.  If one of your goals is to TRULY initiate yourself into the realm of the Dark Arts no holds barred, then this is your access point."

Vik B. - (New York, NY.)

"I am a spiritualist and do readings to supplement my income.  About three years ago, I found myself completely blocked and was looking for someone who didn't know me for a reading.  I came upon Nate Bales on another website and am glad I did.  I found his fee schedule to be extremely reasonable, and the fact that I live on the East Coast and he is on the West Coast was great.  Usually the client pays for the call, but he asked for my phone number and we set up a date and time and he called me.  I have to admit I was apprehensive about calling a Black Magician but decided to give it a try.  My fears were unfounded, for I found Mr. Bales to be mature, friendly, interested in what my problem was, and he offered a number of solutions to me right from the beginning.  He wasn't a clock watcher, and I must say I wasn't aware of how much time we spent on the telephone during that first consultation.  After I hung up the phone, the solutions he suggested resonated with me so I began testing them and found they worked!  I slowly but surely became unblocked and more clear than I had been in quite a while.

I have had several further consultations for mundane issues as well as spiritual ones.  He always hits the target squarely.  Nate Bales is extremely professional, has a sharp wit and a great sense of humor.  He doesn't talk down to you.  He gives you much detail about the problem and how to correct it.  He truly has honed his abilities to a finely tuned instrument!  I would recommend him highly.  Whatever issue or problem you have, Nate can and will find a solution!  I find him to be that accurate!"

Chris Stoddard - (Columbus, OH.)

"I have had several consultations with Nate over the years.  Throughout this time, I have also sought spiritual insight from other sources, and I would have to say that he is without a doubt beyond any other that I have come across.  He elucidates on matters regarding the Black Arts with a sentiment of passion and a certain depth that is unmatched from my experience with others in the occult community, and that's saying a lot.  He will often instinctively pick up on things that you need to hear, when you need to hear them, with a deep intuition.  This information is in fact crucial, whether it’s for the continuance of your own spiritual path, or in your quest for attaining certain goals.  During my first consultation with Nate, he facilitated a dialogue with the demon, Belial.  Later that night in my own ritual work, the information from our consultation earlier became a key factor in receiving a gateway-sigil from Belial which paved the way for more powerful manifestations of that demonic king in my own life.  My conversations with him lately have helped illuminate the underlying issues of some recent experiences, as well as a more thorough understanding of the working system that I am aligned with… things that I would not have figured out on my own.  If you are looking for the matured perspective of a true adept black magician, Nate is definitely the guy to go to."

E.A. Koetting - Black Magician/Occult Author

"Nate Bales is a Spiritual Giant.

I've been a practicing Sorcerer nearly my entire life.  As I've studied the mysteries of the occult, and then later as I started teaching these secret sciences to others through writings, workshops, etc., I've had the opportunity to meet a LOT of people from every magickal path.

But, every now and again my path crosses with individuals that I can only accurately describe as "Spiritual Giants."  These are Sorcerers whose quest for knowledge and for a depth of magickal experience is unquenchable.  These Giants will go to any length, any depth to uncover the truth about Power.  These Giants will soar to the heights of the highest heavens, smash the gates, and strangle the answers out of the gods if they have to.

In my life I've only met two or three true Spiritual Giants...

Nate is such a soul.

The thing that is most impressive to me (and is terrifying to just about everyone else) is what Nate then does with that knowledge and power.

If you hand the average person all of the powers of godhood, most of them will create a bit more wealth, they will manifest beautiful lovers in their lives, and they might adjust a few aspects of themselves that could use improvement.  And then, for the most part, the magick goes back on the shelf until some disaster shows up requiring supernatural intervention.

Nate shakes his head at this and declares, "This is not enough!"

Nate has taken magick and has forged a life that most people would envy.  He is partnered in life with one of the most amazing, beautiful, and powerful women that walk this earth... a true Goddess.  He has employed magick to ensure the flow of abundance into his life, and his cup overflows with prosperity in a million forms.  All that this mundane world has to offer is at his fingertips.  Most of us would have kicked our feet up and felt like we had made it.  Nate says, "It's not enough."

The thing with Spiritual Giants is that they know something that other people don't... they know that they are here for a purpose, and they will not quit until that purpose is fulfilled.

Once Nate used magick to turn his life into a literal paradise, he instantly turned his attention to the bigger picture, the Great Work.  He started helping others succeed and demolish their magickal blockages through consultations and readings, as well as showing newcomers the proven path to Ascent.  When necessary, he has entered into ritual to reorganize the details of reality for his clients with remarkable success.

But, for a Spiritual Giant like Nate, it still isn't enough. You see, Nate's true service is not to himself, nor to his fellow man.  Nate's true service is to the Powers of Darkness itself, and to the glorious Gatekeepers and Gods of Power.

Nate has evoked more spirits than most magicians have even considered possible.  If you ever get the chance to meet him, draw your vision back and you'll notice that he is surrounded by legions like a cloak of shadow dancing in the astral winds around him.  Nate has invoked some of the most terrifying demons into his body, turned himself over to them, and has absorbed their power and knowledge as his own, and in so doing he has glimpsed the Greater Work that is underway.  He has seen what the most ancient entities are planning, and is on fire to herald it in.  Nate has used this Power to open gates between the worlds, and indeed Nate himself has Become the Gateway, he has become the nexion between the worlds.

Nate's "Four Thrones" rituals produce real results, and provide tangible evidence of their effect in the lives of all who partake in them.  I can say this so certainly because I am a member, and I can attest to the necessity of these specific ritual protections and empowerments in the lives of anyone who is seriously engaged in the Great Work of Ascent.

Still, for Nate, this is not enough.  The personal results and gains that come from these rituals is only what is visible.  Beneath the power, protection, and illumination produced, there is a silent stream, a shadow undercurrent feeding power to everyone who takes part in these rites, flowing forth from the Black Pyramid into the souls of the many... uniting our power for total mutual transfiguration.

Nate Bales is a Spiritual Giant.  He is here for a purpose, and he is fulfilling that purpose every day, in every way, and if you are fortunate enough to stand at his side, he is more than willing to share all of his knowledge and his power with you, and you WILL be elevated, enlightened, and empowered by it."

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