Nate Bales


    My name is Nate Bales, and I personally welcome you.  I am a long-time, devoted explorer of the Black Arts, and an accomplished Magician that treads the Left Hand Path.  I have spent a majority of my life scouring in between the lines of the Reality in search of Higher Knowledge, and unearthing the working-blueprints to metaphysical Caches of Power that create REAL change in the Manifold-Self, and Objective Universe.

    The Occult, Practical Spirituality, and the intricate craft & mechanics of Magickal Application have been a deep-running passion of mine stretching back over the last 25 years...  compounding deeper and further with every year into the dynamic Life-Commitment it was destined to become.

    What I bring to the table is many years of immersive study, prolific results-driven experience, a seasoned practitioner's perspective, and a proficient working-comprehension that you won't find just anywhere.  I am an Adept Magician with a bedrock of proficiency in the tools of my trade.  "Black Magician" does not mean that I am "evil" I am actually far from, and profoundly more complex than any dualistic, compartmentalizing label.  I am an Outgoing, Very Happy Person with Many Positive Strengths, and constructively apply those in My Life and the World around me as I see fit.  I also work in alliance with a variety of Powerful Forces...  including many that others may consider Taboo, or outright Forbidden.

    *My Mission & Purpose is to continuously tear down the veils of maya,  •Bridge• the dimensional borderlands, and transmigrate to a state of Pure Transcendence.  WE are the Gateways, the nexus of “Above & Below”, the Macrocosm & the Microcosm...  'The Eternal' experiencing Itself subjectively.

We are entering the transfigural threshold of the New Aeon  - Realized Beings having awoken from the induced coma of illusion...   answering the Ancient Call from the undying god-self within, to Ascendingly Transfigure into a surviving-state of Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence that Immortally transcends the quantifiable.

   • Awaken, and Unlock The Unfathomable Power of Eternity...  Within, and Without •

    An Emissary of The Black Flame,   ~Nate Bales

~ Black Magician ~