Nate Bales



    My name is Nate Bales, and I personally welcome you.  I am a long-time, devoted explorer of the Black Arts, and an accomplished Magician that treads the Left Hand Path.  I have spent a majority of my life scouring in between the lines of Reality in search of Truth, Higher Knowledge, and Transcension through metaphysical Caches of Power that create REAL and Progressive Change in the Manifold-Self, and Objective Universe.

    The Occult, Practical Spirituality, and the intricate craft & mechanics of Magickal Application itself have been a hands-on, deep-running passion of mine stretching back over the last 25 years...  compounding deeper and further with every year into the dynamic Life-Commitment it was destined to become.

    I bring to the Grand Table... many years of immersive study, prolific results-driven experience, a seasoned practitioner's perspective, and a proficient working-comprehension that you won't find just anywhere.  I am an innovative Black Magician with a bedrock of proficiency in my particular trade.  'Black Magician' does not mean that I am "Evil"  ...but more appropriately, Unrestricted.  I am far from, unbound by, and profoundly more complex than any dualistic, compartmentalizing label.  I'm a balanced, Happy Individual with Many Positive Strengths, and constructively apply them in My Life and the World around me as I see fit.

    I embrace the catalytic journey of Manifold-Ascent, and the challenging refinement of the Individual Intellect through the Freedom & Outlaw aesthetics of the Left Hand Path.  I operate by a code of Personal Ethics that are uniquely defined through the Logic, Reason, and Necessity of certain circumstances, situations, and objectives.  I believe in Honor, Sincere Integrity, Personal Responsibility, and helping others that harbor the genuine conviction & dedication to Rise Above.

   *My Mission & Purpose is to fan the Promethean Flame into a Raging Inferno, continuously tear down the veils of maya, bridge the dimensional borderlands, and transmigrate towards Pure Transcendence.  WE are the Gateways, the nexus of “Above & Below”, the Macrocosm & the Microcosm...  'The Eternal' experiencing Itself subjectively.   We are entering the transfigural threshold of the New Aeon  - Realized Beings having awoken from the induced coma of illusion...   answering the ancient call from the undying god-self within, to Ascendingly Transfigure into a surviving-state of Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence that Immortally transcends the quantifiable.

    • Awaken, and Unlock  the Unfathomable Power of The Limitless...  Within, and Without •

      An Emissary of The Principal Black Flame,   ~Nate Bales

~ Black Magician ~