The Indigo Abyss - with Nate Bales


• Join Nate for an introspective podcast into the Occult and Esoteric •

    Kick back and tune in for a revealing perspective...  from the Witching end.  Convene with me inside The Indigo Abyss for a personal excursus into the vast subject matter of the Occult, Supernatural, and Practical Spirituality.  In these podcasts, everything from the Holy to the Heretical is explored with a focus on unearthing a deeper understanding of the manifold intricacies of the Spiritual Arts, and how they can be employed in ways you've never thought possible.

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  • Statements made by Nate Bales (or podcast guests) may, or may not necessarily reflect the official stances or opinions of others possibly referenced.   -Enjoy.