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• Personal Consultations •

    Through  a personal consultation, we can discuss just about any concern or curiosity you have regarding the vast field of the Occult Sciences, and  it's relation or practical application.  I can dig into the subtle-mechanics of these Arts with you, and demonstrate how to apply  them in constructing or repairing Any Aspect  of Your Life.  *It doesn't matter if you are merely curious about some of the following subject-matter...  looking to connect a few dots in  your own comprehension of these things, or if you are already a proficient  magician looking to hone your abilities and increase the firepower of your arsenal.  You might be looking for counsel in various advanced operations, or in sustaining the momentum of your own transfiguration through this Power.  Whatever your personal reason, I always look  forward to sharing a Constructive Conversation.   - Some areas of my  proficiency include:


  • Guidance in building a proper foundation in “The Basics”, for those new to the arts of Practical Magick.  (Including proficiency in Meditation, acute Visualization/Concentration, and unlocking the explosive conduit of the Living Imagination.)

  • Assistance in grasping the underlying mechanics of specific magickal methods and applications.  (In theory or performance)

  • Methods to awaken & attune your Scrying Senses... and how to properly apply them in different mediums of Divination, as well as for establishing Spiritual Communion with various forces.

  • How to successfully perform Candle Magick, Sympathetic Magick, Sex Magick, and Sigil Magick  -  as well as the catalytic mechanisms each one authentically functions by.

  • How to properly execute the required-components in the formula of Spiritual Evocation (to varying degrees of Astral or Physical Materialization).

  • Help in troubleshooting problematic areas of magickal application, and failed operations.

  • How to induce, or concerns / problems with various degrees of Invocation.

  • How to approach the multiple stages of Possession-Work. (And it's associated Pros & Cons)

  • The essentials of forging strong alliances with Powerful Spiritual Entities.

  • Pacts - What actually constitutes one, appropriate circumstances, how to facilitate them, potential pitfalls, advantages, limitations, misconceptions, and other pertinent guidelines.

  • Suggestions on how to tactically fortify against, mitigate, and override Powerful Curses, as well as other various types of Spiritual Attack.

  • Strategically outline a path-working conducive to continuous Life & Spiritual Ascension.

  • How to shift consciousness to the astral-plane, and operate with powerful proficiency. 

  • Tactically formulate a ritual strategy for you to achieve your specific desire, utilizing the most appropriate and potent routes possible.

  • Guidance on how to mitigate magickal “Blow-back”, and situations gone seriously awry.

  • Valuable Advice for the Left-Hand-Path Aspirant answering the call to pioneer their own journey into Uncharted Territory.

  • Suggestions for successfully initiating into a Magickal System, Current, or Path-working and how to continuously transfigure yourself through it's Spiritual Refinery.  (*There are many different magickal traditions that I am an outsider to, but are familiar with... and may know good referrals if you happen to gravitate towards a certain current, or cultural discipline.  Regardless, there are certain qualities that I can illuminate for you that will Make or Break you in these unique currents.)

  • Insightful Tips to accelerate the power of your magickal work, and to shave years off your learning curve.

   - In addition to guidance on any of the subject matter above, and its successful execution...  I can also show you a diverse multitude of the Invaluable Assets that are their Practical Applications.   *Not just acquiring, but Employing this knowledge in ways Big and Small is what sets into motion the chain-reaction of your Collective Ascension.  There is Nothing that these Arts can not be employed towards.  *There is always a Back-Door, Illusory Boundaries can be broken down, and the Governing Laws of Reality can indeed be hacked.  Through the combined alchemy of Perseverance, Unrelenting WILL-Power, Higher Knowledge, Courage, and Resourceful Ingenuity...  doors can be unlocked to where Anything Is Possible.   

    Whether these Arts are applied towards;

  • Building a Successful Business.
  • Creating the Healthy Body you Want and Need.
  • Establishing Financial Prosperity.
  • Finding Happiness with Your Soulmate
  • Etc...

    Or towards more Grandiose Objectives such as...

  • Building Your Empire.
  • Learning Astral / Spiritual Travel.
  • Raising an Alliance of Spiritual Armies.
  • Discovering the Working-Mechanics of Your Hidden Abilities.
  • Unlocking Your Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence.

*There is Nothing using the collective arts of what we refer to as "Magick", that can’t be cognitively pursued, implemented, and truly attained by the Hungry & Open Aspirant.  It's a pleasure to assist you in any way that I'm capable, for the Great Journey that is the Unique Ascending Path that lies before You..

    *Details in regard to scheduling a Personal Consultation can be found here:  Consultations

• Personalized Ritual Work •

   I have been reshuffling the Key-Cards of various situations into the favor of various clients of mine through ritual, and the influence of Intelligent Forces for nearly the last 7 years now.  No task has been handled trivially, and nothing but the finest skill set has been professionally applied to the achievement of their goals.        

   I incorporate powerful ingenuity and strategically apply the best resources and occult mechanics towards achieving the reality of a specified desire, utilizing methods that have yielded verifiable results...  consistently and repeatedly.          

   *Ability & Authenticity are significant hallmarks that separate the True Magician from the Charlatan.  The proper states are fully engaged, and true substantial contact is established with Powerful Forces that can make all the difference.  Every step in the chosen approach is Fully and Properly executed, leaving no loose ends, and nothing half-assed.  I pour every last drop of my totality into the operation... as if it was for my very own.       

   ~  I've had Strong Success in the various ritual services I've provided over the years, and still have very prominent and high-profile clients that I perform personal work for.  In 2016, (apart from custom requests) I had decided to up-shift from many of the "general" services previously offered...  because frankly, what many people wanted ritualized-assistance with were trivial pursuits and investments (in my personal opinion) and were missing the much Bigger and More Powerful picture of what could be implemented!         

   The vehicle for that necessary up-shift materialized shortly there-after.   What was initially the groundwork for a powerhouse I was privately developing called "The Black Genesis Project", transfigured into the crucible-of-ascension now known as...  ‘Four Thrones’.           

   **Although the Monthly Grand-Rites of Four Thrones have replaced the majority of different workings I used to offer...  I still provide Personalized Ritual Work for a variety of needs & situations.  – If you need some extra Push in the “Sails of Overcoming” for something in particular, please feel free to contact me with the basic details.  I will follow up with you about possibly scheduling a Preliminary Ritual Consultation to fully discuss the specifics of your situation in detail, and what could possibly be done in a working-alliance to solve the problem, or achieve your desired result.  If we both come to an agreement of moving forward with the discussed work, I typically deduct the price of the preliminary-consultation from the final estimate of the Work to be performed.        

   *Details & Instructions in regard to commissioning Custom Ritual Work can be found here:  Ritual Work

• Tarot Readings •

   *My Wife, Scarlett Marie provides In-Depth Tarot Card Readings.  She has a very natural gift in parting the Veil, and channeling intuitive insight into just about Any situation she gazes into.   Interestingly, she comes from a long bloodline of a Lithuanian Gypsy heritage, and have witnessed her unearth intense details and outcomes for many people over the years... with a rather startling accuracy.  

   *More information can be found here:  Scarlett Marie Bales

• Workshops  &  Seminars •

From time to time I host On-Line and Small Capacity In-Person Workshops that focus on topics such as:

     • Awakening Your Inherent Power  

     • Attuning Your Scrying Senses    

     • The Art of Invocation & Evocation

     • Initiating the Aspects of Soul Travel 

     • Astral Operations

     • Spiritual Warfare  (Battle-Fit & Battle-Ready)

     • Networking with Ancient Forces  

     • Advanced Black Magick  

     • Tactical Employments of Power  

     • Etc...     

[I have a Personal Emphases on providing an open platform that is conducive to Interactivity & Intelligent Communication that isn’t possible on a pre-recorded discourse.  *The ability for Live Exchange is essential to effectively & coherently communicate and discuss a topic (and it's underlying subject matter) with maximum effectiveness.]     

(Workshop Topics and corresponding Dates will be posted in the 'Calendar' section.  Seating Reservations are listed in the "Book Your Appointment:" section on the 'Consultations' page, when applicable.)

*Details for the May 26th On-Line Workshop can be found here:   'Awakening the God Within'

• Foundational Rites of Ascent •


'Four Thrones' is an operation that lays the foundation for Your Life's Success & Ascension unlike anything else.

   ♢  Ascension is;  The  progressive acceleration of one's vibrational energy, and expansion of  awareness that creates an evolved shift to escalating levels of  consciousness and states of existence.  *Graduating changes occur upon  all components of The Self  (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and  environmental).  Ascent is the catalytic process of becoming  that which is Your Cumulative Highest Potential.   It's the voyage of  discovering and transforming in the expansive fulfillment of your own unique,  Personal Destiny.  *The very fabric and foundation of reality is altered for those upon the path of Ascent.

    Four  Thrones is a Powerhouse that systematically focuses on securing ALL of  the base-components of what constitutes a Life of Success, Acquisition,  Benevolence, and Ascension.  ...In it's inception, it was originally  dubbed, 'The Black Genesis Project'.   I had been focused on progressive  levels of Magickal, Spiritual, & Temporal Ascent... and it became  very apparent that to build a monolithic pyramid of Higher-Ascension  there needed to be a solid foundation in place to build upon.  It is  difficult (to say the least) to find Happiness, Health, and Success...  let alone progress into advanced states of existence, and tackle cosmic  mystery if you are still engulfed in trying to acquire and solidify your  basic human needs.  Needs like financial prosperity, good physical  & mental health, conducive healthy relationships, multiple types of  safety & security, manifold opportunity... there's a long  list of important building blocks that comprise of this powerful  foundation.  *Unless you have the luxury and discipline of living in a  Monastery or Shaolin Temple, these are facets that each person must  begin procuring in their life before focus on Higher Work can take a truly  effective precedence.

    It soon became obvious that the systematic & ritualized tackling of each of Life's Essential Aspects were not just a necessity for those dedicated to a magickal path... but are also essentials for Anyone  whose aspirations and commitment to success is nothing short of the  very Highest.   I re-dedicated  my efforts to creating an unparalleled  operation for manifesting the base-components essential for Successful Ascension by utilizing my experience and comprehension of different operational  faculties in these Arts.   I then entered into a committed alliance with  Four of the most powerful entities I've worked with, and developed  ritual operations and procedures to sympathetically-link individuals who  wanted to tether into the Forces of Influence & Manifestation that  were raised to secure the foundational base-components of Happiness, Health, and Success...  that became known as,  Four Thrones.

   *Additional information can be found here:  Four Thrones

- FAQs -

Can I hire you to perform a ritual to Kill/Hurt someone for me?

  • No.  Although Baneful Magick is a personal forte of mine, and I absolutely agree there are situations where it is warranted...  I do Not provide those types of services under any circumstances.  However, I'd be happy to help with illuminating possible constructive-alternatives in remediating the core-problem of such instances. *I will Not involve myself in the red-tape of conspiring to commit harm towards Anyone.*

Do you accept personal apprentices?

  • I do not take on personal apprentices in the traditional sense, but I am more than happy to help the serious aspirant find their path, or navigate crucial aspects on the next tier of their Spiritual Ascent through on-going consultation as needed.  I have been a long-term advisor for many different people in this fashion.
  • *I do offer discounted consultations in packages of (6) or more, for serious students genuinely seeking a longer-term mentorship commitment.  (Contact for details - Serious inquiries only)*

Do ethics play a part in your study and practice of Magick?

  • I operate as a Magician by Personal Ethics that are uniquely defined through the Logic, Reason, and Necessity of certain circumstances, situations, and objectives.  I do not staunchly follow any prescribed doctrines of what is "Right" or "Wrong" according to traditional morality.  I was fortunate enough to have events in my life that led to Higher Awakening, expansions of awareness, and shifts to escalated levels of consciousness that broke me free of the subjective programming from the Environment at large around me.  That being said, I embrace the Freedom & Outlaw aesthetics of the Left Hand Path and operate by what I sense as Logical, Reasonable, and Necessary.  I create or destroy by this rationale, and seek to propagate Ascending Evolution for Myself and the World around me.  I believe in Honor and Integrity, as well as taking responsibility for my actions and magickal operations as a Black Magician... whatever those happen be.  

I am a practicing magician as well.  May I come aboard to offer my services?

  • Although I do appreciate the occasional offers that come along the way...  NateBales.com and Four Thrones are closed platforms.  The only other Magician/Witch that performs through either of these is My Wife, Scarlett.  The problem I have with this is:  Accountability.  Unfortunately, there are very few that I would personally endorse in good faith up to the caliber of expectations that I strictly hold for myself, and that of what I am stringently committed to...  ethically, integrity, and capability-wise.

- Calendar -

 Awakening the God Within

- A Base Course in Establishing the Foundational Gears of Practical Magick -

•  A One-Day Only - Live, On-Line Event  •

Sunday, June 30th 2019    10:00am – 2:30pm (PST)

*Limited Attendance Available*

The Indigo Abyss - with Nate Bales
A podcast series focused on the Occult and Esoteric.
- Coming Very Soon -

Black Flame PDX: Lux ex Tenebris (2019)
*Scarlett Marie Bales & I will be attending Black Flame PDX, which will be held in Portland, OR. this year, on the weekend of April 26th - 28th, 2019.

From the website:  "Black Flame PDX: Lux ex Tenebris is an exclusive, multi-sensory and esoterically oriented event, exploring the latest in occult philosophy, literature, performance and art.  Free-thinkers and rebels are invited to revel, reify, self-deify and do ritual together.  This three day temporary-autonomous-portal of incendiary bewitchment includes erudite presentations, ritual, live music, kitschy carousal and performances, with vending featuring the Supersubstantial creations, releases, and  hand-made wares of specialized, esoteric and/or Left hand Path leaning practitioners."

*Details can be found at:  www.BlackFlamePDX.org
 ~ Please come say Hello if you happen to be in attendance as well ~

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