Four Thrones is an operation that lays the foundation for Your Life's Success & Ascension that is quite frankly...  unlike anything else.

    Ascension is;  The progressive acceleration of one's vibrational energy, and expansion of awareness that creates an evolved shift to escalating levels of consciousness and states of existence.  *Graduating changes occur upon all components of The Self  (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental).  Ascent is the catalytic process of becoming that which is Your Cumulative Highest Potential.   It's the voyage of discovering and transforming in the expansive fulfillment of your own unique, Personal Destiny.  *The very fabric and foundation of reality is altered for those upon the path of Ascent.

    Four Thrones is a Powerhouse that systematically focuses on securing ALL of the base-components of what constitutes a Life of Success, Acquisition, Benevolence, and Ascension.  ...In it's inception, it was originally dubbed, 'The Black Genesis Project'.   I had been focused on progressive levels of Magickal, Spiritual, & Temporal Ascent... and it became very apparent that to build a monolithic pyramid of Higher-Ascension there needed to be a solid foundation in place to build upon.  It is difficult (to say the least) to find Happiness, Health, and Success... let alone progress into advanced states of existence, and tackle cosmic mystery if you are still engulfed in trying to acquire and solidify your basic human needs.  Needs like financial prosperity, good physical & mental health, conducive healthy relationships, multiple types of safety & security, manifold opportunity... there's a long list of important building blocks that comprise this powerful foundation.  *Unless you have the luxury and discipline of living in a Monastery or Shaolin Temple, these are facets that each person must begin procuring in their life before focus on Higher Work can take a truly effective precedence.    

    It soon became obvious that the systematic & ritualized tackling of each of Life's Essential Aspects were not just a necessity for those dedicated to a magickal path... but are also essentials for Anyone whose aspirations and commitment to success is nothing short of the very Highest.   I re-dedicated  my efforts to creating an unparalleled operation for manifesting the base-components essential for Successful Ascension by utilizing my experience and comprehension of different operational faculties in these Arts.   I then entered into a committed alliance with Four of the most powerful entities I've worked with, and developed ritual operations and procedures to sympathetically-link other individuals who wanted to tether into the Forces of Influence & Manifestation that were raised to secure the foundational base-components of Happiness, Health, and Success...  that became known as,  Four Thrones.