Black Magician &
Spiritual Consultant

Awaken Your Omnipotence.

- Superior Firepower Through Sorcery -

  Through the combined-alchemy of Occult Gnosis, Metaphysical Leverage, and the Unrelenting Implementation of True WILL... 

  You Can Unlock & Manifest the Truly "Impossible".

• Four Thrones •

  The Mission of the Transmigratory Powerhouse known as 'Four Thrones' is to elaborately implement the Pertinent, Foundational Building Blocks of Every Core-Aspect that is needed for an Aspiring Individual to Successfully Ascend in Life to their Highest Potential..

  ...utilizing the Most Powerful means Available.


  *Join Us in Solidifying the base components of Manifold-Ascension, through the Obsidian Watchtowers of Transfiguration*

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