Awakening the God Within

- A Base Course in Establishing the Foundational Gears of Practical Magick -

Learn the Working Intricacies and Underlying Essentials for achieving:

•      Conducive Meditational States

•      Acute Visualization/Sensory Optimization

•      Enduring Inner-Focus & Concentration

•      Unlocking the Operational-Platform of the Living Imagination

- As well as How to Successfully Apply these in Charged Combinations...

And Implement Your Power into Manifold-Reality with Explosive (Real-World) Results.

*This is The Essential Foundation upon which the various aspects of Practical Magick authentically open and operate by.  Also a necessity for Astral Structuring, Transmitting/Receiving Information, Establishing Conscious Contact with Various Types of Forces, Invocation & Evocation, Soul Travel, and re-configuring code within the Universal Matrix.

 • This Course gets into the Base Mechanics of What makes Magick Work,

And How to Move Real Power With It...  in Your Life, and Worlds Beyond • 

- Live, On-Line with Nate Bales -

 •  A One-Day Only Event  •


Sunday, June 30th 2019    10:00am – 2:30pm (PST)

(Lunch Break  12:00pm – 12:30pm /  Post Q&A  2:30pm – 3:30pm)

*This event will be Recorded and Downloadable for All Registrants able

to attend Live On-Line, and for those unable to in conflicting Time Zones*


*This event has now past, check back soon for details regarding the next Seminar or Workshop*