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Scarlett Marie Bales provides In-Depth Tarot Card Readings.

...She has a very natural gift in parting the Veil, and channeling intuitive insight into just about Any situation she gazes into.  Interestingly, she comes from a long bloodline of a Lithuanian Gypsy heritage, and have witnessed her unearth intense details and outcomes for many people over the years...  with startling accuracy.

Scarlett is also a Talented Goldsmith, providing unique and beautiful custom talismanic-jewelry.

*In addition to creating custom jewelry, she is also one of the few jewelers to offer Ritually Consecrated Opening & Spiritual Tethering to the powerful pieces she creates.

• Full Bio, Descriptions, and Pictures to follow soon •

~ Nate Bales

Tarot Readings with Scarlett Marie can be booked here:  Consultations