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We sincerely consider the Policies / Terms and Conditions enumerated below to be both fair and reasonable. We suggest that you review them prior to placing any order, or purchasing any service.  You may submit a request for clarification at any time, via the Contact Form located on our Home Page.  For our mutual safety, we universally enforce our terms and conditions with no exception.  That being said... we strive for excellence in every capacity, and want nothing more than for you to have enjoyable and productive experiences with us that stand the test of time.     -Thank You Eternally


  • You must be atleast 18 years of age to enter/use this site and purchase related materials, services, goods, or information.


  • We strictly adhere to Local, State, and National Laws of the United States of America.  You agree not to use our materials, content, or information for any illegal acts.

  • Check your Local and National Laws for restrictions before using this site, or proceeding with the purchase of related materials, services, goods, or information.


  • We strictly protect the confidentiality of your account-details and use them only in the fulfillment of any services purchased, or to forward information / material you have signed up to receive. 

  • We never share these details with unverified third parties.

Cancellations / Refunds

  • Strictly no refunds on the sales of any materials, memberships, or services rendered.

  • In the unfortunate event of a consultation or workshop/seminar cancellation by administration, any pre-paid bookings or reservations for the corresponding event will be refunded completely In-Full to the purchaser.

  • No refunds for missed consultation appointments, or workshops/seminars. (In regard to consultation appointments, a 15-minute grace period is given from the agreed upon Appointment Time to establish contact before the appointment is considered a “missed appointment“.)  *You may reschedule an appointment for a purchased consultation service at any time, with documented notice of at least 24 hours in advance of the standing appointment.

Currency:  We accept US Dollars only, and do not accommodate foreign exchange rates.  We are currently using PayPal as our primary secure-payment medium, and they do convert foreign currency to US Dollars to apply in purchase.



  • We Reserve The Right to refuse service or sale to Anyone.  We also reserve the right to deny or revoke membership where applicable.

  • If any service has been purchased, and it is refused or denied by administration for any reason after receiving the order, there will be a one-time refund of the purchase amount.  *Additional orders placed by the refused will be Non-refundable with no service rendered.

Copyright © 2016 - Present / All Rights Reserved

  • You acknowledge that any and all content, materials, videos, text, images, designs, patterns, all ritual-related techniques, procedures, specific mediums and methods of operation are property of Nate Bales / Four Thrones protected under copyright, trademark, patent, and general service mark.  Use, production, or derivative applications of any of the aforementioned without written permission is strictly prohibited.  All copyrights, designs, materials and goods remain fully under the possession and ownership of Nate Bales.   

  • Violation of Rights / Copyright Infringement will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  

  • Infringer pays all attorney fees, court costs, and total damages.


  • Nothing here is shrouded under the guise of "Adult Entertainment" and should Not be considered or approached as such.  Services and information are provided with Integrity, and in accordance with the operator's personal experience, working-knowledge, and adeptness of the art forms referenced throughout this site.

  • Nate Bales / Four Thrones does not guarantee success or specific end-results (despite high rates of success) as each and every unique situation contains a certain degree of varying and complicating factors, including certain responsibilities on the client's behalf as well.

  • All related programs are intended for open-minded, Adult Audiences Only.  Statements made by Nate Bales (or podcast guests) may, or may not necessarily reflect the official stances or opinions of others possibly referenced.

  • Nothing contained within, directly related, or provided through NateBales.com should be considered Medical or Legal Advise.  If you expirience any problems, contact a licensed doctor or specialist.

  • Use at your own risk.  Nate Bales / Scarlett Marie Bales / Four Thrones are Not responsible for any related harm or damage, or for the detrimental consequences of your own actions.

*By using this site, related services, or making any purchase You Agree to the Terms & Conditions as set forth   and defined above, which apply to related business with Nate Bales, Scarlett M. Bales  and/or Four Thrones.*

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