There is certain terminology used throughout this site (or in communications with) that may not be familiar to you.  The World of Magick & The Occult has a unique language all to itself.  Listed below is a compilation of various Terms and Definitions related to the Occult, Various Arts of Magick, Witchcraft, Demonology, and Autonomous Spirituality.   ⛧ 


*Some of these Terms are broad and can have multiple meanings or interpretations.  In either case, they have been defined according to their specific relevance to applications here, in as effective a description as possible.

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Adept -

  • One who has studied and become highly proficient in a magickal system, or certain related art form.

Alchemy -

  • A power or process that transforms a common substance into a substance of great value, through a mysterious or highly-evolved way.

“As Above, So Below” -

  •  A phrase that was first laid out in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus.  It embodies the concept that what happens on one level of reality also happens on every other level; the microcosm and the macrocosm behave alike.  (Baphomet symbolizes an aspect of this concept with one hand pointing Above, and the other pointing Below)

Ascent / Ascension -

  • The progressive acceleration of one's vibrational energy, and expansion of their awareness that creates an evolved shift to escalating levels of consciousness and states of existence.  *Graduating changes occur on all components of The Self  (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental).  *The very fabric and foundation of reality is altered for those on the path of Ascent.

Astral Plane -

  • A sub-graduate parallel-dimension closely enmeshed with the physical-plane.  It is a subtle shadow-matrix  of this dimension composed of various energies, forces, and intelligences that are the underlying schematics of their condensed counterparts in the physical-plane. There are also additional free-agents of these composites that are not materialized in the physical-plane, or bound to the governing laws of this physical-plane.  *The Astral Plane can be interfaced with, similar to how mankind interacts with a parallel environment under water.

Athame - 

  • A ritual dagger that is used in the operations of Magick.  It is symbolic of the magician's WILL, and used to direct it appropriately.

Atheist -

  • A person who disbelieves, or lacks belief in the existence of God, gods, or spiritual entities.

Aura -

  • A discernible essence that radiates from a person, place, thing, or entity, and is usually reflective to the nature of it's host.  It can usually be perceived by those with highly attuned sensitivity to an undercurrent of subtle frequencies that course through everything, and everywhere.

Baneful Magick - 

  • Any spell, ritual, or technique that is used in any way that is harmful, malign, or destructive to the subject of the magick.

Banish -

  • To drive something away, or send it away.  *Banishing Rites are implemented to drive away certain energies, forces, people, or things.  They can also be used to simply rid your awareness of these things.

Black Arts - 

  • The sum of all the knowledge about spells, magick, and rituals that draw on powers that most consider to be malevolent, taboo or forbidden.  This is also the umbrella definition for the practice, theory, and underlying rationale of magick and occultism in all its branches... including sorcery, black magick, witchcraft, spells, numerology, demonology, astrology, alchemy, kabbalah, tarot, charms, and the summoning and control of various spirits and forces.

Black Magick -

  • Black Magick is the use of the powers both within and without the Magician in bringing about specific change in or for oneself, the world around, or others via the most direct & uninhibited manner possible. Black Magick is also the spiritual and ritual act of working with forces, archetypes, entities and empowered symbols whose nature is considered volatile or forbidden.  

Blow-back -

  • In this context is considered an unintended or adverse result from an application of magick.  It is typically an unforeseen or unwanted repercussion of a magickal working that can range from the mildly irritable to the severely catastrophic.  

Book of Shadows -

  • A Witch or Magician's personal journal.  It contains important notes on magickal experiments, information obtained, spells, formulas, recipes, correspondences, incantations, traditions and more.  A coven, or council of magicians may have a collective Book of Shadows outlining its basic beliefs, tenets, rules, and practices with information about how to perform its own traditional ceremonies.  

Candle Magick -

  • There are many variations of candle magick, but is essentially magick where the WILL or desire of the operator is transmuted through the elemental gateway of fire.  The essence of the candle's color or culmination of magickally infused ingredients, are drawn up through the wick and become the metaphysical catalyst that fuels the Flame of Transmutation in alliance with the objective of the working.   

Cauldron -

  • The cauldron is a symbol of the female aspect of divinity, the womb of creation (or destruction). It is a metaphysical smelting pot for transmuting the attributes of various ingredients into a newly formed vehicle for manifesting Power (magick infused Potions, Broths, foods, etc.).  Things may also be incinerated or destroyed within the cauldron (literally or symbolically).

Censor -

  • A censer is a fire-proof plate, pot, or vessel that is used to hold smoldering charcoal (from a fire or self-igniting disks) upon which one burns the herbs, resins, gums, etc. that make up their incense.  

Ceremonial Magick -

  • Is typically a formal magickal-event.  Usually ritualistic in nature, and involves specific ceremonial actions and magical tools to bring about a desired result.  *Evocation is very often part of the ceremony.

Chalice -

  • It is a magical tool used in many magickal rituals in a variety of traditions.  It is a vessel for the transference of Power in various forms (fresh blood, consecrated wine or water, etc.).  

Channeling -

  • A person or thing that is a conduit through which energy, information, or an intelligent force flows.  

Charge -

  • To apply energy toward empowering something for a specific purpose. *For example, you could charge a talisman for a certain protection.

Clairaudience -

  • It is the ability to hear sounds said to exist beyond the reach of ordinary experience or capacity, such as the voices of disembodied spirits. 

Claircognizance -

  • This is the metaphysical / psychic sense that allows you to know something is real or will be, though you have no way to back up this knowledge. You may be unable to figure out why or how you came into that information.  The user can gain information about a person, object, place, or event through intrinsic knowledge, as in it just "comes to" the user's mind.  

Clairsentience -

  • Means clear feeling.  Quite possibly the most under-estimated psychic gift, is the ability to feel strongly and sense the emotions and feelings of people, animals, spirits, and places around them.  One can feel emotions of others both in your heart and in your body; you can likely feel the palpable presence of spiritual forces around you.

Clairvoyance -

  • Means clear vision.  The ability to externally view, or internally perceive impressions of objects or actions removed in space or time from natural viewing.  

Consecrate -

  • To dedicate or imbue with a sacred purpose. To intone with Power. 

Coven -

  • Is a group or gathering of witches who meet regularly.  Or, a secret or close-knit group of associates in the magickal arts.  

Current -

  • A movement or tradition within the broader culture of Magick practitioners, a sub-subculture based upon certain spiritual ideas and practices.  

Curse -

  • A spell, or intention to cause harm, punishment, or destruction to a target through metaphysical means.

Demon -

  • "Demon" is actually a negative perversion of the Latin term; Daemon (which comes from the ancient Greek term; Daimon - which means benevolent spirit).  Demon is typically used in reference to a powerful Infernal spirit of a forceful, fierce, skillful, or destructive nature.

Demonic Pact -

  • An intricate, binding alliance with a demonic spirit towards a common objective (Usually an objective of a high stature that would be difficult, or nearly impossible to obtain without the dedicated efforts of both human and spiritual entity combined.)  

Dharma -

  • An individual's higher duty or destiny. 

Divination -

  • The art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events.  Or to discover hidden knowledge through the interpretation of omens, the aid of intelligent forces, or mediums of metaphysical Power.  

Duality -

  • In religion, the doctrine that the world (or reality) consists of two basic, opposed, and irreducible principles that account for all that exists.  (Example;  Good/Evil, Light/Dark.)  

Egregore -

  • Is an autonomous psychic entity composed of and influencing the thoughts of a group of people 

Elemental Spirit -

  • A spiritual embodiment of an element (such as Earth, Air, Water, Fire) that can wield the energetic characteristics and influential properties of its associated element.  

Elixir -

  • An elixir is a magical potion designed to bring about transformation or a medical potion designed to bring about healthy change over a long period of time.  Elixirs may produce drawing magic, the ingredients designed to attract certain energies to the person who ingests them though most elixirs are designed to bring about change in the person's own body, mind or spirit.     

Energy Work -

  • Energy work is typically any work that involves changes to the human energy field or subtle body.  

Esoteric -

  • Designed for, or understood by the specially initiated alone.  

  • Requiring or exhibiting knowledge restricted to a small group that is of special, rare, or an unusual interest.  

Evil Eye -

  • Negatively charged intentions, or hateful energy that is transmitted from the gateway of the eyes towards a target.  The toxicity of the negative transfer can spill forth into the sphere of the recipient's cosmic reality in the form of "bad luck", illness, and manifold decomposition or destruction. 

Evocation / Evoke -

  • To create substantial contact with a spiritual force, and summon it forth to interface with.  *The force that is called forth (the evoked) can manifest in various degrees of intensity (From an undetectable astral-presence, to an undeniable physical-materialization). 

Exorcism -

  • An exorcism is the forcible expulsion of a negative energy, force, or intelligent entity from a person or place.  (In cases regarding exorcisms of intelligent forces from human hosts, a wedge is driven through omnipotent-authority between the integration of the two, ¦divorcing the core awareness of the host from the hosted force and dissolving the enmeshment of the subtle bodies.)  

Familiar -

  • A spirit or demon that serves, or prompts an individual. 

Feminine Energy -

  • When one refers to "feminine energy" in a magical or spiritual context, one is referring to energy that is passive and yielding versus masculine energy which is said to be active and penetrating.  This is similar to the Eastern concept of yin and yang.  

Fetish -

  • A fetish is an object designed to actively house a spiritual entity. Traditionally, a fetish is the physical representation of an honored spirit, for example an ancestor, deity or spirit guide, thus creating a physical and often (but not always) portable object for the bearer to interact with as they would the spirit-being they wish to honor, presenting it offerings, praying to it, with the understanding that the interaction is not with an inanimate object, but with the entity that resides inside.  In turn, the possessor of the fetish often receives the results of being within the associated entity's sphere of influence, either positive or negative.

Gnosis (Gnostic) -

  • Gnosis means "knowledge" in Greek.  It is often used for personal knowledge, compared with intellectual knowledge.  It is best known from Gnosticism, where it signifies a knowledge or insight into man's real nature as Divine, leading to the deliverance of the Divine spark within man from the constraints of earthly existence.

Grimoire -

  • A grimoire is a textbook or personal journal of magick, typically including instructions on how to create magickal objects like talismans, charms, and amulets.  They can also provide instructions and formulae for how to perform certain magickal rituals, spells, charms and divination, as well as rites for how to summon forth, invoke, or work with supernatural entities such as angels, demons, and various spirits.  The actual books that are intimately used by a competent practitioner (typically a sorcerer or witch) are talismanic objects in themselves, and open gateways of the related powers and forces. 

Grounding -

  • Grounding is a basic technique that is often taught early on in a magician's training.  It creates an energetic foundation that allows the magician to use omnipotent energy to perform ritual work without depleting themselves.  *Often, a very involved ceremony or spell can leave the operator exhausted, (physically and mentally) and feeling disconnected, energetically impotent, and spacey.

  • Grounding can serve as both a preventative and a remedy for this situation. Grounding before a magickal working helps the operator focus and improves the chance of success by reducing the likelihood of internal distractions or exhaustion, and potentially losing the "thread" of the rite before it is complete. 

  • *Grounding after the completion of the working helps return the operator to a "mundane" state.  It brings their minds and awareness back into the physical world, allowing them to function and perform the mundane activities required in day-to-day living.  

Hex -

  • To place a malevolent spell or curse.  Also means to place under the influence of witchcraft / to bewitch. 

High Magick -

  • Is typically Magick intended to bring about a progressive spiritual transformation.  Magickal workings for something of a much Greater Purpose / Higher Significance, macrocosmic in nature. 

Incantation -

  • Typically used in evocational ritual-magick, it is a formula of words used in a sentence, phrase, or short monologue that is used to call Reality into cooperation with one's WILL.  Incantations usually possess a certain rhythm and cantor, that produces a singsong effect when it is spoken aloud. 

Intent -

  • Magickal intent is the purpose of magickal work - the true purpose, with all of the unnecessary frills stripped away.  Your intent is the foundation of magical work, it is your goal, what you truly wish to accomplish.  *Successful magick begins with a singular-pointed intention and surrounds it with catalytical actions (ritual magick and mundane efforts) to achieve the ultimate goal. 

Invocation -

  • To invoke a spirit is to summon or draw a spirit being into your own body. This is usually done to encourage communication between the spirit world and the material world and is part of many magick practices. 

  • The words invoke and evoke are often used synonymously, but Aleister Crowley notes the distinction:  To "invoke" is to "call in", just as to "evoke" is to "call forth". This is the essential difference between the two branches of Magick.  In invocation, the macrocosm floods the consciousness.  In evocation, the magician, having become the macrocosm, creates a microcosm.  

 Magic -

  • Amongst many occultists, "Magic" ending with a (c) is typically used to denote Stage Magic, or Performing Illusionists.  "Magick" ending with a (k) is more often used in reference to Metaphysical Applications, such as would be wielded by Sorcerers & Witches.  *Using "Magic" ending with a (c) is perfectly acceptable in either context, and does come down to more of a personal preference. 

Magician -

  • Is used here in the occult context, as opposed to the stage illusionist.  The True Magician (or Mage) has spent many years culminating his/her skill and knowledge in the foundational arts of practical Magick, and has found proficiency in generating enough power to perform the "Impossible".

Magick -

  • "Magick" used with a (k) at the end, is used in the cumulative reference to Metaphysical Applications of Power, as would be wielded by true Sorcerers, Witches, or Black Magicians, as opposed to the proficient "sleight of hand" entertainment of stage illusionists. 

Magickal Journal -  

  • Is a personal journal (sometimes referred to as a ‘Book of Shadows’) that is typically kept by a Witch or Magician, and contains important notes recorded on magickal experiments and the results obtained, spiritual revelations, various information, spells, formulas, recipes, traditions and more.

Magus -  

  • Magus is the singular form of the word Magi. It was once used specifically to refer to the sorcerer priests of Zoroaster.  It is typically used in reference to the Highly Advanced/Adept Magician or Sorcerer.

Meditation -  

  • Is a technique for resting the mind and attaining a state of consciousness that is disengaged from the normal waking state.  In meditation, the mind is clear, relaxed, and inwardly focused.  The individual is fully awake and alert, but the mind is not focused on the external world or on events taking place around the individual.  Meditation requires an inner state that is still and one-pointed so that the mind becomes silent.  When the mind is silent and no longer distracts, then meditation deepens.  *Meditation is the gateway for the two essential skills that are required for beginning the path as a practicing magician; the ability to enter into and maintain a deep gnostic trance, and an ability to visualize an object vividly without distortion.  Proficiency in meditation is also required for accessing, utilizing, and controlling somatic states.

Medium - 

  • A medium is a person who serves as a conduit for communication between humans in the material world and intelligent forces in the spirit world.  Mediumship may take any of several forms based on who/what is being contacted and how the contact manifests.

  • A medium may facilitate communion between living humans and shades of the deceased, or between living humans and other spiritual entities.  This is most often done while the medium is in a trance-state that is conducive and appropriate for establishing authentic conscious-contact. 

  • The Intelligent Force may also be channeled, allowing it to completely take over the medium's faculties; speaking and acting through him or her.  In this way the entity can deliver its intended message directly through the vehicle of the medium's voice (often changed) or through another means such as automatic writing.  Some mediums report no memory of anything that happened while they were the conduit for the Intelligent Force, other mediums report watching the events unfold in a passive manner, and others still are able to maintain some active control during the channeling event.

  • Alternatively, the entity may simply speak to the medium clairaudiently so that the medium may pass along the information.

  • Some mediums are able to encourage physical manifestations of the entity through various degrees of visual materialization, sounds such as knocking (like "once for yes, twice for no"), or the movement of objects.  In these cases it may be possible for the entity to communicate directly with the third party by simply answering Yes or No questions, and responding through a code… or a divinational tool such as a Spirit Board, with the medium performing as the bridging facilitator.

Necromancy -

  • Necromancy is the practice of establishing genuine contact with the residual shadow-anatomy of the deceased.  This is typically performed in order to request their aid, counsel, or obtain specific information privy to the deceased.  *What is contacted in necromancy is not the Living Essence of a person disembodied from the flesh, but an interactive “shadow” archive (a shell) of the cumulative essence, experience, and memory of the deceased at the moment of their mortal expiration and shedding of the core-layers of spiritual anatomy essential to their ego embodiment as an Individual… no different than a fully-functional interactive hologram.


New Moon – 

  • The New Moon (also known as the Black Moon, or Dark Moon) is the opposite of the Full Moon.  Magick appropriate to the New Moon period includes just about anything related to new beginnings, growth, increase, and drawing magic of all sorts.  It can also be an advantageous time to consecrate tools, altars, and initiate certain rites of passage.

Occult - 

  • The word  occult comes from the Latin ‘occultus’ which means hidden or secret, and the word occult refers to secret or hidden knowledge and typically refers to the paranormal.  The study of the occult is generally called occultism and people who study the occult are occultists.

Occultism - 

  • Occultism is the study of the occult, of the hidden and most secret nature of the Universe and of the individual things within it.  Occultists seek to understand and indeed manipulate reality at a level beyond the ordinary.  Occultism may encompass the study of a variety of disciplines including sorcery, ceremonial-magick, witchcraft, Kaballah, alchemy, shamanism, astrology, as well as various forms of divination… and may also incorporate sciences such as Botany, Quantum Physics, Psychology, Anthropology, and Astrology.

Occultist - 

  • An occultist is a person who studies the occult.  It is a general term that encompasses anyone who studies metaphysical subjects, paranormal phenomena, magick, divination, astrology, alchemy and anything else that might be considered supernatural.  Self-identified occultists, however, aren't just dabblers.  They tend to make deep and serious study of one or more of these subjects and seek to become experts in their field.

Omen - 

  • An omen is an unusual event (or sign) that foretells a greater event, usually by means of a stark synchronicity that speaks to the higher-intuition of the interpreter.  Omens can be good or bad. The translation of an omen as a good sign or a bad sign is often determined by the culture and background of the interpreting individual.  If there is confusion about the omen in question, various methods of divination may be used to further clarify the related details of the situation.


Omnipotence –

  • Omnipotence means to possess unlimited power.  The word “Omnipotence” derives from the Latin term “Omni Potens”, which means “All-Powerful”.  Omnipotence is unlocked through proficiency in evocation.  Evocation and invocation are interlocking gateways to Creating, and the foundation to manifesting anything, at any time.

Omnipresence –

  • Omnipresence means; existing or being everywhere at the same time.  Omnipresence is unlocked through astral travel, into the astral plane... and spiritual travel into other dimensional planes.  Proficiency in these leads to the ability to transcend the physical body, and relocate to any plane of existence.  Through these applications one can go anywhere, at any time… to any time, or where there is No time at all.

Omniscience –

  • Omniscience, is the capacity to know everything that there is to know.  Inherent omniscience; means the ability to know anything that one chooses to know and can be known.  Total omniscience; means actually knowing everything that can be known.  Omniscience is unlocked through proficiency in divination.  Divination and clairvoyance in its various forms lead to being able to know anything, at any time.

Pagan -

  • Pagan is a word that has been used in a derogatory manner in the past to refer to those who were not Christian, or who did not behave in a manner Christians believed to be appropriate.  It has since been "reclaimed" by a specific group of people who are perfectly happy not to be Christian or approved of by Christians.

  • In its modern context, the word “Pagan” is often used to describe any religion that isn't part of the Judeo-Christian family of religions, and in many cases it is used in a derogatory sense to imply Satanic worship. 

  • In different circles, the word is used to describe Earth based spirituality, and still others use the word Pagan to describe magico-religious tradition.  It is also used to mean polytheism (both modern and ancient).

Poppet - 

  • More commonly (but less correctly) known as the “Voodoo Doll”, a poppet is a tangible image created to represent a specific individual for use in sympathetic magickal work.  A poppet may also be fashioned to represent an idea or situation and be used as a sort of amulet to attract that which it represents. 

  • Poppets are typically made of wax, cloth, plant material, clay, paper mache, or any other material on hand.  It's often preferred to make them out of something flammable so they can be destroyed when their use has been fulfilled, but isn't absolutely necessary.  Clay poppets can be crumbled and returned to the Earth, or immersed into moving water to be disposed of after serving their purpose. 

  • A poppet made into a figurine may be made to resemble the specific attributes of a person, or bound to them by incorporating highly personal items of that individual.  Once complete, it is ceremonially-consecrated and imbued as an active extension of that person for actions to be performed upon, which will affect the person for whom the poppet has been created.  Poppets can serve as powerful links for inflicting curses, spells to harm or control the will of another, binding spells, love spells, or to initiate healing as well.

Possession Work –

  • Possession itself is when any intelligent force inhabits a body with varying degrees of intensity, and controls or heavily influences the body, mind, and spirit.  Possession Work is the willful co-piloting of one’s life in a symbiosis with the chosen force.  The merger develops into an intense union together, with all aspects of the individual’s SELF becoming a conduit for the intelligent force to manifest its power through.  The intimate relationship can distill unique gnosis, ability, and opportunity for the possessed individual who submits to the integration.  Possession Work can be long-term or short-term.  It can be extremely Benevolent, as well as potentially Destructive, all depending upon the nature of the possessing force, and the ability of the hosting individual to successfully handle and work in cooperation with it.

Practical Magick -

  • Is magick that gets real, verifiable results:  Objectively for the magickal practitioner, or for others.  Practical magick deals heavily with the manifestation of power, love, money, sex, friendship, and other various types of influence. 

Practical Spirituality - 

  • Spirituality that you can apply in your life, in your circumstances, and in the world around you to make substantial change in or upon that is fulfilling and verifiably real.  *The allure of the Occult for most is in the quest to uncover the mysteries of Practical Spirituality, and how it's various aspects can be successfully unlocked and applied with tangible results.

Psychic –

  • An extraordinary sensitivity to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences.  Also an ability to internally connect with, and cognitively perceive them.